Hi, my name is Christina Archibald. I’m a certified personal trainer with over 6 years in the fitness industry. With a BSc. Majoring in Exercise Science Concordia University, I hold several other certifications in the fitness industry.

  • Stott Pilates: Mat work
  • Stott Pilates: Injury and special population
  • Precision Nutrition: Level one certification

My fitness experience involved leading group exercise classes, in- home and studio personal trainer.

I developed an interest in core health early on in my career because my customer had a herniated disk pressing against her sciatic nerve. At first she could barely walk and was in constant pain. Her doctor said she needed surgery, but she was terrified of that wanted to avoid it at all cost.

I wanted to help her so I did some research and discovered how deep core exercises could reduce back pain and gave them to her.

After months of doing the exercises her pain was reduced to a 2 on 10 and she went for another cat scan. Based on her results and much to her doctor’s surprise, he informed her that she no longer needed the surgery!

Eventually I had an opportunity to work with pre and postnatal customers and perfected my knowledge on deep core conditioning.

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate enough to help people achieve results ranging from total body transformations to managing chronic pain, inflammation and frailty. Nothing gives me greater pride than helping someone find their functional freedom again!