At first, I approached Christina with the idea for her to help me figure out if my posture was good because I find I am always resting on the left foot, therefore, my torso was putting pressure on my left hip. Within the first 10 minutes, Christina asked the right questions, which showed her professional approach, expertise and knowledge of the human body., so question after question … core was at zero strength…this led to her becoming my trainer. We started with one class and as I saw what I really needed to do and how much work I need to put into this, she always motivated me and never did she make me feel bad about myself if I couldn’t get an exercise right, she was very patient and if she ran into difficulties because of my slow understanding of the mechanism of the exercise itself, she would always try to find a different approach and if needed she would walk me though it baby steps….I started noticing immediate results and felt like a million bucks, I wanted more, so it motivated me to work harder….it was awesome, I started to feel all my muscles, can do now 2 min plank, before couldn’t even do 50 seconds …..this resulted in me training with her, as so far she is a professional that I would always recommend, for both corporate and home.