Forget the fad diets. If you need help with nutrition, look no further than FitCore.

FitCore’s mission is to help you make nutritional changes to your diet, in the form of goals, which will last a lifetime. Our model is based on a team effort between you and your trainer to set short- and long-term goals, and make small changes to your eating habits that are achievable.

Throughout the process, our trainers will regularly check in with you to see how well you are maintaining your new nutritional habits, and to help you stay on track. By measuring your performance, you and your trainer will decide if a goal needs to be changed so that it’s more realistic, or if you’re ready to move on to a more challenging one.

The keys to success are time, trust, honesty and communication.

  • You should spend a certain amount of time with each new eating habit, to make sure that it sticks, before moving on to the next one. Taking on too much at a time can be overwhelming.
  • Open and honest communication between you and your trainer will help ensure that you set relevant goals together, paving the way towards your continued success.
  • FitCore provides a non-judgmental platform, and our sole objective is to help you achieve your goals by encouraging a sense of trust between you and your trainer.

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