What better way for you and your baby to stay healthy during your pregnancy than through the guided expertise of a FitCore prenatal fitness trainer!

We specialize in prenatal therapeutic deep core conditioning exercises, which helps many issues that affect so many women but that can easily be prevented:

Besides managing weight gain, exercising during pregnancy also offers you the following health benefits:

  • Reduces the likelihood for developing gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure **Disclaimer: Of course having a sound diet is also a factor.
  • Improves mood caused by fluctuating hormones.
  • Makes you stronger so that you can physically cope better with weight gain and for delivery so that it goes smoother.
  • Promotes faster recovery after delivery.
  • It benefits the baby by safely managing their weight, reducing the likelihood that they’ll develop childhood obesity. Recent studies have shown that it also improves their intelligence later on into childhood as well!

If you are amongst the many who didn’t not know how easily diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction can occur during pregnancy and are affected by it, FitCore can help you resolve it postnatally.

We’ll also help you regain your shape, or get into even better shape than you were before you were expecting.

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